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Rockin' Ricks Pet Supplies

Treat Ball Dispenser

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Treat Balls are perfect for dogs or cats. They are squishy and durable round balls that keep your pets active and engaged as they try to get their delicious treats out! With a hint of vanilla scent, your pets will find the treat ball irresistible! The treat balls are safe, fun and interactive. Keeping your pets entertained and healthy with unlimited playtime!


  • Helps your pets eat slower
  • Stimulates your pet's brain as they roll the ball around and paw for treats
  • Keeps your pets busy while you work
  • Keeps your pets more active when they are chasing and rolling the ball
  • Creates a great bonding experience between human and pet

Care Instructions

  • Use cloth to clean the surface
  • Rinse interior with clean water
  • Air dry


Product Weight: .55 LB
Product Size: 5L X 5W X 5H