About Us

Rockin and Ricks Pet Supplies, named after two of the best dogs ever, was
founded out of a love for our fur babies. We decided we wanted to
help other pet owners by providing quality products at an affordable
price accompanied with exceptional customer service! We know
firsthand the importance of taking great care of our pets. They love
us unconditionally and it is our job to make sure they are happy,
healthy, and loved!!

Rocky, Ricky, and Dobby (aka Dapper Dobby, the latest addition to the Rockin'
Ricks Pet Supplies family) were rescue dogs. They stole our
families’ hearts from the moment we laid eyes on them. These
four-legged gents have provided so many happy moments, laughs,
smiles, comfort, and just sheer joy! They are still such a big part of our
lives. Although Rocky and Ricky have passed on, not a day goes by
that their presence isn’t felt. Whether it is a memory about
something funny they did or how they lifted our spirits when their
humans had a tough day, they will forever live in our hearts. Fast
forward to December 31, 2020, and in comes Dobby…

Rocky and Ricky’s baby brother by another mother!! This cute little rascal continues
the legacy of love and happiness that Rocky and Ricky provided.

To all our fellow pet owners out there we look forward to working on your behalf to provide you with the best products for your beloved pets!!